Wolf Shifter #4 – DONE!

I finished the first draft of my wolf shifter paranormal romance book #4 in the series a week ago, three weeks after starting it.  The writing flew by.  96,000 words.  I think three weeks is the fastest I’ve written a full length novel, which probably means I’ll have many more rounds of revisions to go through than usual before the book is ready for public viewing. The revisions will take months because the manuscript needs time to ‘rest’ in between each round or I lose perspective and don’t ‘see’ many otherwise obvious errors in plot, grammar, spelling, etc.  Many authors shoot to write 2-4K a day, from what I’ve read.  I just write until I lose my focus (or mom duties require me elsewhere). Some days I write more, some  days less.  I’m currently trying to get in the habit of writing those bonus chapters at the end too, so my writing process is in flux… enough said, my break is now over.  Got to go!