Grit cover (Alien Marshals & Mates series)


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Who wants a thief with a target on her back? An alien warrior with nothing to lose.

There’s no safe place to hide when you’re supposed to testify against a top leader in the Brotherhood. When the marshals of GI7 offer Gabriella the chance to leave Earth, she grabs it. Sinnad is a closed world, which means the Brotherhood can’t touch her there. That doesn’t mean Sinnad is without its own issues. Gabriella doesn't plan to stay long enough to get involved in sinnadian warfare or political infighting. Nothing will keep her from returning to Earth, except perhaps a tall, handsome warrior who a naughty tail and integrity that calls to her. Grit is everything she wants in a mate, but she’s not destined for love, not with a criminal past and a target on her back.

Being a warrior isn’t enough on a world where one’s tail-color is everything. As the son of a whitetail, Grit will never have true respect. When Gabriella arrives on Sinnad, she’s more trouble than anyone expected. The way she breaks the rules and bows to no one, even Sinnad’s king, intrigues Grit. The human female makes Griton's tail want to curl around her waist and never let go. She could be the mate he never thought he’d have. . . if he can keep her alive long enough to convince her to mate him.