Wolf Shifter PNR #5 – Done!

I’m getting bad about blogging! I finished PNR#5 a few days ago (yay!), but I wasn’t sure I should ‘announce’ it yet, since I feel as if something is missing, as if I’ve overlooked a unique twist that should be there on top of the ones that are already there. While I’m eager to go back in and read through to discover what twisty turn I’ve missed, I got sidetracked with my Sci Fi Romance novel, The Traitor’s Touch. My editor from Soul Mate Publishing sent my first round of edits, which I’m currently going through.  And then there are blurbs to write, 4 other PNR novels in various stages of editing, covers to flesh out, the 2nd book in the Mindwiped series (The Traitor’s Truth) to revise, marketing… the list goes on.  Life is good!