Zyanthan Warriors series, cover for Alien Stolen


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A Mail Order Bride. An Assassination Plot. And one Warrior who’s lost his way.

Anya left Earth for a better future. She never even had the chance of being matched to a husband. Lucky her, she was in a batch of women who got sold off as slaves. She’ll fight with everything she has, though. Especially against the beast, a blue male with horns and a reputation for buying and selling women. Except he doesn’t buy her. He steals her.

Nothing about this guy adds up. He promises to release her after she helps him with a job. The beast, a.k.a. Azokk, is not what he seems. He pretends to be a trader in coalition space, but he’s using her, in more ways than one. He plans to gift her to the king of Grudan. Hell no. Except he doesn’t give her a choice. . .just another promise to take her with him when he leaves the planet of warmongers. He didn’t tell her she’d be caught up in an assassination of their king first.

Can she trust him enough to do as he asks, or is he just using her?

Azokk changed more than his name when he left Zyan to join the Coalition after the war destroyed his family. He changed who he was. A necessity to blend in with the Coalition.

After six years living among the coalition, he has a mission that requires the use of a human female. Now he’s flying to Grudan with a stolen human on his ship. He plans to sacrifice her. This is not the behavior of a Zyanthan Warrior. Then again, he’s no longer the male he used to be. And this female, Anya, stirs both of his cocks.

He has one shot at completing his mission. One shot at saving his sholani. And no chance of keeping her for himself.

Except she seems to think otherwise. She’s a fighter, a warrior in her own right.

Maybe with her by his side, he’ll find a way of surviving his mission after all.