Box Set for digital edition of White Wolves series


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Steamy, strong, sexy... These alpha males have met their matches.

The wolf shifters of the Novak pack are feared for a reason... They’re deadly, determined, and always get what they desire.  But the pack’s hierarchy hasn’t always been kind to the females of their pack. They’ve subjugated them, treated them as inferior. That’s about to change. . .

These women have an inner strength that will not only save the males they come to love, but their pack as well.  First, they must discover who they are, overcoming their fears and letting their inner wolves show the world—and the males in their lives—just how fierce a woman can be.

The males....

Defiant Wolf (second chance romance)
Nathan, the alpha’s ‘forgotten’ son, will risk everything to reclaim his woman and save her from his father.

Lethal Wolf (enemies to lovers & forbidden romance)
Slater, the alpha heir, the killer...The wolf who will break all the rules to claim the human woman who imprisoned him.

Loyal Wolf (first-love romance)
Hunter, the outsider who will risk his place in his pack to save the exiled woman he’s admired from afar.