Wolf Desired cover (woman + 3 wolves)


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Shifters, Secrets, Spies and one woman in the middle of it all.

Alyssa, code name Artemis. Yeah, there’s a reason she’s incognito at the DSA’s (Department of Shifter Affairs) new human-shifter training program. One which could get her killed if she’s not careful. She’s the only woman among a group of shifter and human males who are supposed to learn to work together to combat the anti-shifters. Guess how that’s going, BTW. Alyssa has her own reason for being in the program. And it isn’t to fall for three shifters…

An Alpha Heir who Thinks He’s in Charge. Rafe’s alpha tasked him with keeping the peace between the humans and shifters in the new program. Rafe’s distracted by Alyssa, who would be perfect for him and his wolf. If she weren’t human. Rafe has to ignore the bewitching female. Easier said than done.

A Shifter Going Feral. Tiernan needs to blood-bond Alyssa to keep from going feral. But can he explain the ramifications of the blood-bond to a human who knows practically nothing about shifters before his wolf seizes control?

A White Wolf with a Secret (and a penchant for trouble). Maddox comes from the infamous Novak pack, where it’s each shifter for himself. Or is it? He joined the training program with revenge on his mind. Until the beautiful human female catches his attention.