Publication Information

Book Title: Dekar
Series: Alien Marshals & Mates
Book: 1
Publisher: Julie K. Cohen
Publication Date:  June 2022


Alien Marshals & Mates, book 1

Mine to Protect. Mine to Love.

An exiled alien. The woman he vows to protect. And a dangerous past he can’t shake…


Now that Earth’s conquerors have fled, Sara’s excited about her future. Until a handsome alien complicates her life. With his glowing hands and sweet smile, Dekar claims Sara is his fated mate. There’s no such thing as fated mates, but it’s hard to ignore Dekar, with his persistence and unusual attributes.

Sara finds herself growing increasingly attracted to Dekar, but Dekar hasn’t told her about his past. Then one day, Dekar disappears. No goodbye, no explanation, no way to find him. He’s just gone…


Dekar’s life fell apart the moment he betrayed the Grud. His world exiled him and the Grud are hunting him. The marshals of GI7 (Galactice Intelligence section 7) offer him a chance to survive. It means giving up his name, his identify, everything he is, and relocating to a backwards planet. Earth.

His dislike of the planet quickly changes when he meets Sara, a female who makes his hands glow and his heart race. After Dekar finally settles into his new life, the marshals relocate him in the middle of the night, barely one step ahead of the Grud.  Dekar will never see Sara again. He can’t accept that. He needs her in his life, and he’ll risk everything to return to her...

* * *

Mine to Protect. Mine to Love.

Dekar is a steamy Friends to Lovers Romance with a male who’s lost all he values, and the woman who helps him discover a new purpose in life. Prepare for hot romance, raw determination, love, and a lot of twists along the way. This book can be read as a stand-alone but is best enjoyed as part of the series. Each book in the series ends in a very Happy Ever After.