Publication Information

Book Title: Lethal Wolf
Series: White Wolves
Book: 2
Publisher: Julie K. Cohen
Publication Date:  Jan 2020
Length: 262 pages
Cover design: Kudi

Lethal Wolf

White Wolves, book 2

Fight Hard. Love Harder.

He’s a predator. A wolf shifter destined to rule…

Slater’s enemies chained him, tortured him.
Sophia defied their rules, sacrificed herself for him.
Now his wolf has her scent.
She’s his to protect, to seduce, to blood-bond.

He’ll give up his pack for her,
Kill for her,
Commit the ultimate sin for her.

She will never be anyone’s prey ever again.

* * *

Fight Hard. Love Harder.

Lethal Wolf is a wolf shifter, stand alone romance with steamy scenes, heartache, redemption, and a very happy-ever-after.