Broken Shifters

The books in this paranormal romance are all standalone novels ranging from 350 - 450 pages, $3.99 - 4.99 on Amazon.  Each book has an HEA (happily ever after), and is part of a series arc.  Couples reappear in multiple books both in this series and The White Wolves series.

Setting:  Colorado forest/mountains.
Time period: Present Day
Availability:  Digital and Print
Heat: Hot/Steamy consentual sex

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Recommended Reading order
  1. Ransom's Revenge (Prequel)
  2. Damien's Dilemma
  3. Blade's Battle
  4. Callen's Captive
  5. Hayden's Haven
  6. Frank's Felon
  7. Mason's Mission (Prequel to Frank's Felon)

Want to learn more about Hayden and Kate's families, read the White Wolves series.