Books listed by Tropes

If you're a reader who likes to focus on a trope, ask your favorite author(s) to list their books by tropes as I've done here. Below, you'll find twenty of the most popular romance tropes in the market.

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The tropes below are briefly defined here.

Enemies to Lovers

  1. Prison World Series (humans)
  2. Ransom's Revenge (shifter)
  3. Lethal Wolf
  4. Blade's Battle (shifter)
  5. Alien Betrayed
  6. Alien Stolen

Second chance

  1. Defiant Wolf
  2. Blade's Battle (shifter)
  3. Alien Avenged

Rejected Mate

  1. Alien Found
  2. Defiant Wolf
  3. Alien Stolen
  4. Mason's Mission (shifter)

Forced Proximity

  1. Konnitch (alien)
  2. Alien Found
  3. Callen's Captive (shifter)
  4. Alien Claimed


  1. Frank's Felon (shifter)

Secret baby/Accidental pregnancy

  1. Dekar (alien)

Secret Identity

  1. Grit (alien)
  2. Ri'Nom (alien)
  3. Callen's Captive (shifter)
  4. The Traitor's Touch (humans)
  5. Wolf Desired
  6. Wolf Claimed
  7. Wolf Unleashed


  1. Grit (alien)
  2. Alien Awoken
  3. Hayden's Haven (shifter)
  4. Loyal Wolf

Mail Order Bride

  1. Alien Claimed
  2. Alien Wanted
  3. Alien Found

Fated mates

  1. Zyanthan Warriors series
  2. Konnitch (alien)
  3. Skaggs (alien)

Orphaned / New Family

  1. Alien Awoken
  2. Blade's Battle (shifter)
  3. Callen's Captive (shifter)
  4. Hayden's Haven (shifter)
  5. Alien Avenged
  6. Freedom Mine (humans)

Forbidden Love

  1. Damien's Dilemma (shifter)
  2. Freedom Mine (humans)

Grumpy Sunshine

  1. Alien Wanted
  2. Frank's Felon (shifter)

Tortured Soul / PTSD

  1. Alien Wanted
  2. Alien Avenged
  3. Skaggs (alien)
  4. Freedom Mine (humans)
  5. Alien Stolen
  6. Hidden by the Convicts (humans)
  7. Taken by the Convicts (humans)

Age Gap

  1. Freedom Mine (humans)

Injury / Physical Disability

  1. Alien Wanted
  2. Alien Avenged
  3. Taken by the Convicts (humans)


  1. The Traitor's Truth (humans)

Forced Marriage

  1. Auctioned to the Convicts (humans)
  2. Taken by the Convicts (humans)
  3. Skaggs (alien)

Avoiding Marriage/Commitment

  1. Frank's Felon (shifter)
  2. Defiant Wolf
  3. Konnitch (alien)
  4. Mason's Mission (shifter)

Damsel/Dude in Distress*

  1. Alien Awoken
  2. Hidden by the Convicts (humans)
  3. Auctioned to the Convicts (humans)
  4. Taken by the Convicts (humans)

*This trope might sound like an old-fashioned category, but it isn't. In my books, some of the women need to be rescued... but they also do their share of rescuing the men, too!