Ebook Cover for Orc's Possession


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My curves are why my people look down on me… and the reason the Orc leader craves me.

My people see my curves and decide I’m not worthy of love.
The Orc leader sees my curves and thinks I’ll make a good breeder.

Me? I see nothing but monsters all around me.

I bide my time, waiting for the opening to escape these monsters. But where can I go? My people sold me to the orcs on a world where five alien species compete for resources… and there’s no way back to Earth.

For now, Atox is being patient with me, not taking me against my will. That won’t last forever.

I have a choice to make. Flee into the hostile wilderness or find a way to convince this arrogant, hardened monster that my value includes more than the children I can give him.

Maybe, if I’m lucky, he’ll fall for me... like I’m falling for him.