Publication Information

Book Title: Ransom's Revenge
Series: Broken Shifters
Book: 1
Publisher: Julie K. Cohen
Publication Date: June, 2020

Ransom's Revenge

Broken Shifters, book 1

Fight Hard. Love Harder.

He can't trust her, but he will claim her.

Elise roams free in the anti-shifter research lab.
For weeks, she walked by Ransom’s cage, ignoring him.

Then she frees him,
But she’s reluctant to escape.

Ransom won’t leave her behind,
She’s shifter, and shifters don’t abandon shifters.

There’s more to this brave female than Ransom first realized.

Ransom wants to find his pack.
Elise wants to return to the anti-shifter research lab.

Something has to give.
It won’t be Ransom...


Fight Hard. Love Harder.
Ransom’s Revenge is a steamy, stand-alone romance in the Broken Shifters world and ends in a Happy Ever After.