I find most questions people ask me are about my writing process.  As I receive questions from my readers that I believe others will want to hear, I'll add them here.  If you have a  question, ask away!

When did you start writing?

Would you believe I hated writing until something clicked in my brain in 10th grade English?  Seriously, that's when it all began.  I finally understood language.  Shortly after, my best friend and I began writing a Start Trek novel.  Little did we understand that little concept called 'copyright' which prevented us from publishing it, but it was still a great learning experience that put me on the path to writing Science Fiction Romance & Paranormal Romance.

How often do you write?

That depends on the definition of 'write'.  For me, that entails alternating between editing, revising, marketing and writing new materials.  I write daily, and if I'm not writing, I'm reading in my genre as well as 'how to' articles and research and... if it relates, I read it.  It's an unending learning process and I'm always learning something new.   The trick to writing is like anything else... you have to enjoy it!

Where do you get your ideas for characters and storylines?

That's a tough question. My ideas can come from a word, a song, something I see while out walking or driving... or a problem /moral question that arises.  Sometimes it's the character that comes to life first and I find myself driven to explore him/her further.  I usually start with a story idea and then develop the characters though, rather the characters develop themselves... I'm just the one typing out what they tell me to write on the computer.  It's like having kids, no matter how you raise them or what you teach them, they're gonna do what they're gonna do.   Just cross your fingers and learn to go with the flow.