Wolf Claimed cover (woman + 3 wolves)


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There’s nothing like a murder to interrupt a romance with three shifters... or launch it forward.

Alyssa, code name Artemis.  Alyssa thought being the only woman in the Department of Shifter Affair’s new human-shifter training program would cause trouble.  UNDERSTATEMENT!  She has three shifters competing for her, another group of shifters trying to control her, and the DSA agent in charge... well, he’s not bothering anyone any more.  He’s been murdered, and all eyes are on Alyssa.  Sure her knife was found in the body, but that doesn’t mean she killed him.  And the fact that the agent was trying to boot her from the program isn’t motive. Not really.  Okay, maybe.

At least things can’t get worse.

In walks Agent Gallagher, an a**hole with an agenda. Okay, she can avoid him. Maybe. As for Tiernan, of course he has to go feral during the murder investigation. Then there’s Maddox, her white wolf who pushes her away every time they start to get close. Nope, there’s not enough time to explain it all, especially with Rafe, her growly alpha, thinking he can control the a bunch of antagonistic shifters and the DSA.  Oh, and her three shifters all want her. Her three shifters from three different packs.

Alyssa can’t choose between them.  Then again, she doesn’t have to. She’ll choose all three. . . as soon as she figures out how.