Pinspiration (Pinterest that inspires)

I read a post earlier this week that I found on Twitter:  “19 Writing Tips To Help You Become The Next J.K. Rowling“.  Number six had struck a chord with me.  The contributor responsible for this writing tip stated, ” I use a Pinterest board of song lyrics and quotes I love, plus amazing scenery, clothes, settings etc. to help me build the world.”

The moment I read this, I thought, ‘That’s what I’ve been doing… except I’ve been pasting pictures from the internet in my word documents where I have histories/details of my characters and worlds.”  Anyone who has ever pasted photos into a word document knows how much of a pain in the neck that can be.  But using Pinterest as the repository for my inspiration… brilliant… and SO much easier! That said, I’ve created a collection of wolves that are the inspiration for the main characters in my upcoming PNR series.  Sorry, I don’t have a release date yet as I’m still writing (presently in the middle of book #4).

If you’re curious, here’s the link to the wolves that inspire my writing.