Publication Information

Book Title: Hayden's Haven
Series: Broken Shifters
Book #: 5
Publisher: Julie K. Cohen
Release Date:  Oct. 2019
Cover design: Kudi

Hayden's Haven

Broken Shifters, book 5

Fight Hard. Love Harder.

Whoever controls the pack, controls the virus that can kill humanity…

Traitor. Outcast. Predator.

Those are the names he hears whispered in the shadows.
They don’t understand what happened with his former pack.
Neither does he—not entirely.

Here, in his new pack, he goes above and beyond,
Trying to prove his loyalty, his worth.

Now, she’s here.
The beautiful shifter who’s their only hope for developing
A lasting vaccine against the shifter virus.
She accepts him for who he is,
Despite his past—and hers.

To save her, he must return to his former pack
And challenge the alpha. . . 

The brother who cast him out years ago.

Fight Hard. Love Harder.
Hayden's Haven is a wolf shifter romance where appearances are deceiving and love truly conquers all.