Publication Information

Book Title: Konnitch
Series: Alien Marshals & Mates
Book: 3
Publisher: Julie K. Cohen
Publication Date:  Dec. 2022


Alien Marshals & Mates, book 3

Mine to Protect. Mine to Love.

Of all the times for his mating heat to strike... right in the middle of an op with a feisty female.

Konnitch needs a decoy for a dangerous op on Earth. The only qualified human is smart, fast, and too independent for her own good. Worse.... she sparks his mating heat. Just having her near drives him crazy, and now he can’t think about anything beyond bedding her. Even though he’s never burned so hot for a female, he won’t be able to hold out for long. When the op goes up in flames, forcing them together longer than he can handle, he will mate her...

Kaci needs money, fast. Working for aliens is an act of desperation, but when an alien marshal with red skin, deadly horns, and tribal tattoos on a deliciously muscular chest offers her a deal, she jumps on it. Though she’d rather jump him. The way he looks at her makes her shiver... in a good way, but Kaci has no plans to become his plaything. When he goes into heat, what is she willing to do to complete her end of the deal?

Mine to Protect. Mine to Love.
Konnitch is a steamy Friends to Lovers Romance with a male who doesn’t have time for a woman and a woman who doesn’t want to be stuck with an alien who doesn’t understand her need for independence. Prepare for hot romance, raw determination, love, and a lot of twists along the way. Each book in the series ends in a very Happy Ever After.