Alien Marshals & Mates

These books are M-F and take place in outer space with aliens who are humanoid, but not human. The males are blue, have horns, and a special feature that makes sex much hotter than usual. The series occurs in the same world as the Zyanthan Warrior series (with appearances by some of those characters)

Each book is a standalone, but is best read in order.

Setting:  Outer Space
Characters: Human women & Alien men
Time period: future
Availability:  Digital,  Print, & Large Print
Heat: Hot/Steamy consentual sex

  1. Dekar (Dekar & Sarah)
  2. Grit (Griton & Gabriella)
  3. Konnitch (Konnitch & Kaci)
  4. Skaggs (Skaggs & Nala)
  5. Ri'Nom (Ri'Nom & Harper)
  6. Zirkov (Zirkov & Maggie)