Publication Information

Book Title: Whisked Away by the Alien
Series: Holiday Heartmates
Book: 1
Publisher: Julie K. Cohen
Publication Date:  Nov 2023

Whisked Away by the Alien

Holiday Heartmates, book 1

Mine to Eat!

There’s an alien in my kitchen wearing an apron… and nothing else.

There’s something delicious cooking in my kitchen and it isn’t the donuts or latkes. The tall blue alien with horns that hit the ceiling arrived in time to save Hannukah for my family, but he knows nothing about cooking. Why is he really here? And how do I tell him that under that apron he’s supposed to wear clothing?

Mine to Eat!
Whisked Away by the Alien is a steamy alien first contact romance laden with discovery, love, and temptation. Expect twists and turns and a very Happy Ever After.