Publication Information

Book Title: Callen's Captive
Series: Broken Shifters
Book #: 4
Publisher: Julie K. Cohen
Release Date:  Sept. 14, 2019
Length: 471 pages
Cover design: Kudi

Callen's Captive

Broken Shifters, book 4

Fight Hard. Love Harder.

Protect your pack or the woman you love. Choose, Enforcer…

Callen is the pack’s enforcer,
The shifter who does whatever it takes to protect his pack.
Whatever. It. Takes.
He’s falling hard and fast for Kate, a human the WSSO is hell-bent on destroying.
The woman comes with a lot of secrets, dangerous secrets.
When Kate’s actions endanger his pack, Callen must choose… Kate or his pack.


Kate can’t get rid of Callen.
The damn shifter insists on protecting her.
He. Won’t. Leave.
Never mind the way his touch blazes a trail across her skin.
He longs to be with his pack—in the woods, a place she can’t, won’t, go.
Kate belongs in the city, fighting against the WSSO,
Not with a shifter who needs his pack more than he needs her.


She’ll be fine without Callen. She doesn’t need him. Maybe if she tells herself that enough times, she’ll start to believe it. . .


Fight Hard. Love Harder.
Callen's Captive is a wolf shifter romance where appearances are deceiving and love truly conquers all.