Prison World series

This reverse harem series consists of 2 duets.  The first duet is Hannah's story, and the second duet is Melina's story.  You can read each duet separately, or in order.  There is some crossover between characters, but each duet can be read as a stand-alone set.

Setting:  Another universe
Time period: Future
Characters:  Humans, no aliens
POV:  1 female, 4 males, 5 POV
Availability:  Digital and Print
Heat: Hot/Steamy consentual sex

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Recommended Reading order
  1. Hidden by the Convicts (prequel)
  2. Auctioned to the Convicts (Hannah part 1)
  3. Protected by the Convicts (Hannah part 2)
  4. Taken by the Convicts (Melina part 1)
  5. Rescued by the Convicts (Melina part 2)