Excerpt – Escaping the Enemy

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Book release: June 12, 2019

Mindwiped book #1

Tal, the man she barely knew but somehow trusted, the Serrissian who challenged her in ways she’d never expected, who warmed her soul despite his cool façade. He’d probably never even think about her again after today. She’d have to do the same.

A few more turns, and they found the hangar. Kira removed the screws to the grate and dropped down to the cargo bay floor.  Tal followed, slipping behind a stack of pallets.  Except for a handful of maintenance crew servicing a fighter aft, the bay was empty.  Tal followed her, his steps as silent as when she first met him.  As soon as she found the courier ship, she slid into the pilot’s seat.  Pre-flight systems check proceeded smoothly. Tal strapped into the co-pilot’s chair, familiarizing himself with the ship’s systems.  Within a few minutes, Kira locked in her pilot’s code and rose.

His arm reached across, blocking her exit.  “Come with me.”

Leaving Derid and its all-too willingness to mindwipe anyone that got out of line would be easy… especially if it meant leaving with this man who stirred something long and dead inside of her.

She closed her eyes. Danny would be expecting her to call soon, knowing her latest rotation was ending.  She couldn’t leave him, not like this. 

“There’s something between us,” he continued, green eyes sure and unyielding.

“We don’t know anything about one another,” she countered, hearing how empty her words were.

“We know enough.  What we don’t know, we’ll have fun learning.”  He flashed that charming grin of his.

She stifled a laugh, marveling at how this one Serrissian could make her laugh when her darkest fears and memories threatened to overwhelm her.  Kira resisted the urge to reach up and touch Tal’s cheek. “We’re enemies, Commander. We should part as friends and––”

His mouth enveloped hers.  Soft, tender, and very sure, his tongue prodded at her lips, demanding entrance.  It was so easy, natural, opening to him, as if he was the piece of her soul she’d been missing her whole life. There was promise and hope in that kiss, which was more than she could give in return. Why must he tempt her so?  She was already finding it hard leaving the shuttle instead of strapping herself in and flying off with him.  Kira let his tongue glide over her lips one last time before pulling away and slamming her hand against the palm lock.  The door swished open and she stepped out.

“Go, Commander, before they catch you.”

“Kira…”  He used her first name, bringing that memory crashing back.  When she had fallen from the access tunnel, he had called out her name then too.  The sense of loss and anger she’d heard in his voice had shaken her, and now she understood why.  On Gainor, he had chastised her for offering her name to him, but now she was more than a stranger to him.

He leaned in close, his scent taunting her, pulling her.  Strong deft fingers trailed down the slope of her neck. She stepped back, finding it hard to tear her eyes from him, but she had no choice. He would never feel the same about her once he learned of her betrayal. 


Kira’s people blackmailed her into spying on enemy Commander Tal Kaegen – the one man who can prevent interplanetary war. As she falls for Tal, assassinations and a mole threaten his Command. She’s the only one he trusts… and she knows that the only way to save him is to betray him.