Paranormal Romance Book #4

Last night, I finally started book # 4 in my Paranormal Romance series, Broken Shifters. Getting started is always the hardest, mostly from anxiety, but once I put my fingers on the keyboard, the words fly.  I’m already enjoying how my MCs (main characters) are coming across.  Of course they’re not following my outline exactly, but that’s fine.  They need the freedom to be themselves. There are many days I’m itching to sit down at the computer because I literally want to ‘read what happens next’.  I find out the storyline and the histories/ motivations of my characters as I sit down to write.  The first step is getting into the character’s mindset… I often wonder if this is similar to how an actor/actress gets into character before acting a scene. In any event, it’s a fun process to watch my characters do their thing. I can’t wait for the series to be published so I can see what my readers like/dislike about my characters!