Comma Challenged

Recently, I came to a conclusion about my writing.  I’m ‘Comma-challenged.' I’ve forgotten all the rules I learned in school (which are now coming back to me as I see my PNR editor making the same corrections over and over again).

Fine.  Not the worst thing in the world... I can start throwing those commas back into my writing (in the proper spots ideally).  Not a big deal.  Time to move on.

Then, today, as I'm going through round two of edits for my Sci-Fi Romance novel, The Traitor's Touch, I realized I'm more than comma-challenged, I'm 'Hyphen-Challenged'!  Seriously... the majority of my edits today were my lack of or misuse of hyphens.

I guess I just don't like those little lines (commas or hyphens) in my writing.

And I'll spare you by not tell you about my ellipsis issues… for now.