Publication Information

Book Title: Broken Shifters Box Set 2
Series: Broken Shifters
Books: 5-7
Publisher: Julie K. Cohen
Publication Date:  Jan. 2023
Length: 887 pages

Broken Shifters, box set 2

(books 5-7)

Fight Hard. Love Harder.

Their women come from troubled packs that won’t let them leave... not until these shifters get involved.

Hayden’s Haven:
Traitor. Outcast. Predator. That’s what they call him from the shadows. And they’re right. He’s all of those… and much more. Hayden will do anything to protect Mila, even challenge his former alpha, the brother who cast him out years ago.

Frank’s Felon: (dark secret and emotional scars romance)
Delilah’s tainted, targeted, far from tamed. And Frank wants her, badly. She’s his future, though she won’t admit it. He won’t let her enemies take her, even if it means starting a war with the humans.

Mason’s Mission (dark secret and emotional scars romance)
Takara’s the enemy, born on the wrong side of the border. Despite how her pack abuses her, she refuses to defect to Mason’s pack because doing so will mean war between their packs and risk something greater than her and Mason’s love for one another.

This box set includes three full-length novels that include danger, steamy sex, a lot of emotion, and several twists. Each ends in a Happy Ever After! Grab a blanket, a tissue, snuggle up and click to start reading.