Publication Information

Book Title: Broken Shifters Box Set 1
Series: Broken Shifters
Books: 1-4
Publisher: Julie K. Cohen
Publication Date:  Oct. 2022
Length: 1,340 pages

Broken Shifters, box set 1

(books 1-4)

Fight Hard. Love Harder.

When their women are threatened, these shifters will do anything to save them

Ransom’s Revenge (enemies to lovers & forced proximity romance)
When Ransom escapes an anti-shifter research lab, he refuses to leave Elise behind even though she’s collaborating with the enemy. Shifters don’t abandon shifters, but she won’t leave. The quiet, unassuming Elise stirs Ransom in a way he can no longer deny, but she’s a traitor. Or is she?

Damien’s Dilemma (fall in love with the wrong person romance)
Damien needs to blood-bond a shifter to keep from going feral. He would blood-bond Tess in a second, except his enemies have destroyed her ability to shift. And they’re not done with her...

Blade’s Battle (dark secret and emotional scars romance)
Blade falls for the woman responsible for the deadly Shifter Virus. Hundreds have died because of her. Except she may not be guilty. Will he surrender or mate her?

Callen’s Captive (forbidden romance & secret identity)
Callen’s an enforcer who’s determined to protect Kate, a human, from the anti-shifters trying to kill her. He can’t protect his pack and Kate both. Will he choose his pack or the woman he’s falling for?


This box set includes a prequel novella and three full-length novels that include danger, steamy sex, a lot of emotion, and several twists. Each ends in a Happy Ever After! Grab a blanket, a tissue, snuggle up and click to start reading.