Finding My Path

As you may have noticed, I haven't posted to this blog in a while.  I could say I've been so busy with writing and life (which is true), but that's not the real reason.  When you're a writer, you make the time to write NO MATTER WHAT.  That said, my procrastination has been a matter of not knowing what to do with my blog... do I use it to give people insight into my personal life, my writing, both, or something entirely different?  Today, I've had a lot of snarky one-liners that want to come out, but without a true outlet.  I immediately thought of Chuck Lorre's commentary at the end of episodes of his various sitcoms (e.g. The Big Bang Theory, Mom, Young Sheldon). He calls them Vanity Cards.  I'm toying with the idea that my blog should follow a similar path... a Thought of the Day, if you will.  Or maybe I should include reviews of books I read.

That said... bear with me as I figure this out.  Hopefully, I'll get a handle on it soon and commit to a direction instead of allowing weeks and weeks  of blank/empty posts go by.