Prison World series, cover for Hidden by the Convicts

Publication Information

Book Title: Hidden by the Convicts
Series: Prison World
Book: 1
Publisher: Julie K. Cohen
Publication Date: Jul 2021
Length: 172 pages

Hidden by the Convicts

Prison World, book 1

Reverse Harem Sci Fi Romance

How does a woman survive on a prison planet full of men?

Teagen escaped the abuse of the guards she’s been given to for ‘recreation.’ But on a planet where the only potable water is in the prison colony, she can’t go far. If the guards catch her, she won’t survive their wrath. She needs to find allies, decent men who will hide and protect her, but will the price they demand be too high?

Bowen, Harlis, and Gavin never expected to find a woman on a prison planet. They could turn her over to the guards in exchange for favors or keep her for themselves. It’s been years since any of them has known a woman’s touch, but if the guards discover they’re hiding Teagen, they’ll send Bowen to the one place he fears most while they torture Harlis and Gavin. Is one woman worth the punishment?


Ours to Protect. Ours to Love.
Hidden by the Convicts is a steamy reverse harem romance set on a prison planet with a scarred woman, a bossy convict, a fun-loving crass convict, and a gentle convict who thinks he’s too old to love. The series continues with Auctioned to the Convicts.