Publication Information

Book Title: From Vangar, With Love
Series: Alien Love Letters
Publisher: Julie K. Cohen
Publication Date:  Feb 2024

From Vangar, With Love

Alien Love Letters

Mine to Love!

Her letters are filled with love… but they’re for the male I’m pretending to be.

For two years I’ve been writing to a human female… and falling for her.

She’s sweet and strong, but she doesn’t know the real me.
Or what I’ve done.

And she just arrived on my planet.
To marry the man I’ve been pretending to be.

Mine to Love!
From Vangar, With Love is a steamy alien romance with a sweet hero, a secret identity, and a human woman who’s desperate to leave Earth. This novella is laden with discovery, love, and temptation. Expect twists and turns and a very Happy Ever After.

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This is a 35k word novella set in the Zyanthan Universe but is not a part of either the Zyanthan Warriors or Alien Marshals & Mates series. This sweet and steamy Valentine's Day tale is part of the Alien Love Letters collection, a collaboration of five science fiction romance authors. Each book is a standalone, containing its own Happily Ever After and can be read in any order.
Tracy Lauren—From Zarpathia, With Love
Rena Marks—From Zestria, With Love
Julie K Cohen—From Vangar, With Love
Sandra R Neeley—From Earth, With Love
Susan Trombley—From Thok, With Love