The Traitor's Truth

Book 2 in the Mindwiped series

Tal: “You’re my wife.”     Kira: “Prove it.”


Someone erased her memories and now Commander Tal Kaegen insists she’s his wife. She’ll go along with the façade, while she figures out how to escape him and his world… a closed planet. Her kenut, a bracelet made from ancient threads that ‘bind’ a married couple, is trying to convince her that she belongs with Tal.  Even her body is betraying her, craving his every touch.  But Kira can’t dismiss what she’s seen and heard about Tal’s violent nature. She must escape, for her own sake, as well as the life growing inside of her.

When Kira flees to the Tinufian Embassy, hoping to secure passage off of Serriss, she finds a friend in Zardijn, the Ambassador’s aid. Zardijn’s charming, easy to talk with – a friend she desperately needs. Or is he? He knows a lot of personal information about her and Tal.

To discover the truth about who took her memories and why, Kira needs more than her knives – she needs the courage to love Tal.


He’s close to losing control of his emotions, and when that happens, it’s never good.  He’s a killer by training, and he has too much power on his planet, except among his enemies.  They’ve already wiped Kira’s memory, making her forget him and everything they’ve been through together. Now they’re wiping the memories of key officials, but to what end he doesn’t know.

Kira’s still attracted to him, he’s sure of it, but he wants more than her body, he wants all of her…. her insight, her wit… her love. They’ve turned her against him.  She barely speaks to him now, and refuses to heed his warnings, becoming friends with the offworlder, Zardijn.  Tal doesn’t trust the man, especially since he’s sure he’s met him before.

Tal’s enemies have weakened him by turning Kira against him, but they underestimate how far he’ll go to save the woman he loves.

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Publication Information

Book Title: The Traitor's Truth
Series: Mindwiped
Publisher: Soul Mate Publishing
Publication Date:  November 6, 2019
Length: 130,500 words (X pages)
Editor:  Soul Mate Publishing
Cover design: Taria Reed

Available here:

Soul Mate Publishing

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